President together with staff and students of UH-GAF Business School attend the Techne Summit, October 2021.

The President of UH-GAF, Professor Vincent Emery, along with the acting Dean Dr Neveen Abdul Aziz led a delegation of staff and students from the Business School, to participate in the Techne Summit in Alexandria on Saturday 2nd October. Attending the event allowed UH-GAF staff and students to gain an up-to-date appreciation of developments in entrepreneurship, innovation, and the investment opportunities relating to business incubators, start-ups, spin outs along with angel and venture capital investors interests and expectations. UH-GAF staff and students were interviewed by Nile TV and shared their thoughts on the role of universities in the innovation and entrepreneurship landscape, highlights of the Techne summit and how student entrepreneurs are being helped at UH-GAF. President Vincent said “this was my first visit to a Techne Summit, and I was very impressed by the breadth and depth of the different sessions and the insight they gave about business innovation, e-commerce and funding sources available to support entrepreneurship in Egypt. As UH-GAF moves to launch its business incubator this insight is invaluable”.