The Story

Global Academic Foundation (GAF) is a leading academic institution in the Arab Republic of Egypt operating under the Egyptian Ministry of Higher Education in compliance with the International Branch Campus Law No. 162 of 2018.

GAF is hosting The University of Hertfordshire (UH) as the first full-fledged branch campus of a British university in Egypt that encompass all UH schools and faculties and bringing globally accredited Bachelor Degrees from the UK to Egypt.

GAF dedicates itself to staying up-to-date on national, regional and international changes in the fields of Higher Education; Business, Engineering, Pharmacy, Computer Sciences, Mass Communications and Physiotherapy.

The Inauguration Ceremony of Global Academic Foundation took place in December 2019 in the presence of H.E. Dr.Khaled Abdel Ghaffar, Minister of Higher Education & Scientific Research in Egypt.


Professor Vincent C Emery


Welcome to the University of Hertfordshire hosted by Global Academic Foundation (GAF). As the President of this university, I am proud that through this unique partnership we will be delivering a comprehensive range of academic programmes in the New Administrative Capital.

As global citizens our students need a global education. Through the innovative British Degree programmes we offer, our students will develop the skills to realise their full potential but also develop lifelong learning skills that will be essential in the world of tomorrow.

Myself, and all my colleagues, are committed to ensuring our students are supported academically throughout their studies and are ideally placed to enter the workplace or continue academic study after graduation. Indeed, the University of Hertfordshire has a 96% employability rate for its graduates and so a globally recognised degree from the University of Hertfordshire hosted by GAF will be your passport to a successful future.

However, it is not all about academic performance, we want our students to have a broadly based student experience whilst at the university. Our campus includes state-of-the-art facilities for sports including a gym, tennis and soccer pitches and venues for media and the arts. In addition, we want our students to create a vibrant community both within the university and beyond. There are numerous clubs and societies available and through our student ambassadorship programme we are cementing our links with local communities. Of course, as part of the greater University of Hertfordshire student community our students will have the opportunity to broaden their horizons further.

The vision of the University of Hertfordshire hosted by Global Academic Foundation is to transform the lives of our community of students and staff, powering their potential to contribute to the world of tomorrow. As President, I hope that this vision excites everyone at the university and particularly both our current and prospective students.

Thank you

Professor Vincent C Emery, BSc, PhD, FRSB, FAST.


Globally Accredited
Globally Employable
Globally Distinct

At Global Academic Foundation, our goal is to share the knowledge and wisdom of distinguished British classic expertise with a fresh view to give our students the confidence and employ ability in a dynamic and fast-paced world.

Through our proud partnership with the University of Hertfordshire, we are able to support and empower students and professors with access to one of the top universities in the UK.

Together, we bring modern techniques, updated courses and a British degree that will help students succeed in the constantly changing industry fields with confidence.

At our brand-new campus in the Administrative Capital, we offer a variety of multidisciplinary programmes: from one of the only UK Pharmacy Programmes in Egypt to major industry fields such as Marketing with Digital Communications, Business Administration, Computer Sciences, Engineering and more. We provide a true global perspective in our courses.

Our Facilities

GAF hosts the University of Hertfordshire on its premiere 50-acre campus. The campus provides vibrant, attractive, sustainable and accessible facilities supported by a contemporary virtual learning environment in which staff and students can interact, and share information and knowledge. One of our main priorities, other than education, is providing the resources needed for students’ mental and physical wellbeing while studying with us.

Aiming to encourage our students to engage in healthy activities at any time, we have multiple athletic facilities on campus including a football court, tennis court, volleyball court, basketball court and a fully equipped gym. Additionally, there is a student lounge and food court for students to relax and have social gatherings. Transportation is also available.


Food court

Casper & Gambini's



Class Room


Lecture Theater




Leisure Room





Our Community

At Global Academic Foundation (GAF), being a supportive university culture and community is important to us, which is why we are dedicated to supporting our students and professors on different platforms.

During our first year, our class created and published their first campus magazine, BOLD, and have been a proactive arm of community and communication. We try and support any and all appropriate activities and promote our students and faculty’s achievements to encourage entrepreneurship and development.

We also encourage engaging with communities outside the university through our student ambassadorship program, class trips and more.

We openly welcome students and faculty from international destinations for students to benefit from cultural diversity, alongside regular visiting faculty from the University of Hertfordshire’s main campus taking part in the classroom as special lecturers.