BA (Hons) Accounting and Finance

About the Degree

Accounting and finance professionals are important to almost all functions of business. Choosing an accounting and finance career path means you will have a profession that is constantly in high demand. 

This programme gives you a firm understanding of key business functions and the basic principles of accounting and finance. You will learn about corporate reporting, auditing, corporate law and management accounting, as well as develop your general business and commercial awareness. 

The courses also provide an understanding of the key areas of financial accounting and corporate finance in great depth. These cover topics such as financial strategy, taxation, Islamic banking and information systems. 

As part of hosting the University of Hertfordshire (UH), you will also have access to the university’s StudyNet web-based facility. StudyNet allows students to access electronic teaching and learning resources from UH, and have electronic discussion’s with staff and other students.

What will I study?

The modules you will study include Accounting Principles, Analytical Techniques for Accountants, Information Technology for Accountants, Business Operations and Leadership, Management Accounting, Financial Reporting, Business Life Cycle, Corporate Finance, Advanced Management Accounting, Advanced Financial Reporting, Advanced Financial Decisions and Emerging Issues in Accounting and Finance

Foundation Year

Module credits Compulsory/optional
Business 1 30 credits Compulsory
English Intensive 30 credits Compulsory
Business 2 30 credits Compulsory
English Standard 30 credits Compulsory

Level 4

Module credits Compulsory/optional
Analytical Techniques for Accountants 15 credits Compulsory
Accounting Principles 30 credits Compulsory
Business Operations and Leadership 30 credits Compulsory
The Accounting Professional 30 credits Compulsory
Information Technology for Accountants 15 credits Compulsory

Level 5

Module credits Compulsory/optional
Professional Development 15 credits Compulsory
Corporate Finance 15 credits Compulsory
Financial Reporting 15 credits Compulsory
Management Accounting 15 credits Compulsory
Business Life Cycle 15credits Compulsory

Level 6

Module credits Compulsory/optional
Advanced Financial Reporting 15 credits Compulsory
Advanced Management Accounting 15 credits Compulsory
Taxation 15 credits Compulsory
Governance and Auditing 30 credits Compulsory
Advanced Financial Decisions 15 credits Compulsory
Emerging Issues in A & F 15 credits Compulsory
Strategic Cost Management 15 credits Compulsory
finance professionals

Why choose this programme?

  • This course offers some exemptions from the professional examinations of the UK Chartered Institute of Management Accountants (CIMA), Association of Chartered Certified Accountants (ACCA) and Institute of Chartered Accountants in England and Wales (ICAEW)
  • Access to UH’s StudyNet system, communicate with UH professors directly on portal
  • Experience lectures by leading academics and innovative industry specialists with years of hands-on experience in commercial accounting
  • Input from industry leaders add real-world skills to academic theory, giving you the competitive edge
  • Support for work-study placement, developing sought-after skills either in the UK or overseas
  • Opportunity to study abroad for one year to develop confidence, experience and practical language skills

What can I work as?

Accounting and Finance are thriving industries and talented graduates are always in demand. Every business needs accountancy and finance expertise, meaning there’s a great range of careers open to you. 

UK accountancy qualifications are respected worldwide, so you may even have opportunities abroad. Besides being an accountant, you may go into banking, general management, auditing, taxation, management accounting, actuary, underwriting, consultancy, trading, retail or investment banking.