BA (Hons) Advertising and
Digital Marketing

About the Degree

Working together with the University of Hertfordshire, the Global Academic Foundation offers this multidisciplinary degree for students who want to jump into the world of digital marketing.

This programme is a direct response to the fast-paced changes in advertising and marketing, giving you an up-to-date understanding in topics such as digital marketing, mobile business technologies, creativity, technology and innovation, web analytics and social media monitoring. It also teaches you the vital fundamental principles that underpin all advertising.

Advertising and Digital Marketing is an exciting, dynamic and multi-focused degree and programme provides you with a broad perspective, covering subjects such as principles of marketing, strategic planning, consumer behaviour, enterprise, and brand and media communications.

What will I study?

The modules you will study include Principles of Marketing, Understanding Data, Introduction to Marketing Communications, Digital Landscape, Content Creation, Campaign Insights Analysis and Planning, Consumer Behaviour, Digital Experience, Advertising Concepts and Creativity, Social Media and Social Influence, the Future of Marketing, Managing the Customer Journey, Digital Analytics and Social Media Monitoring and International Advertising.

Foundation Year

Module credits Compulsory/optional
Business 1 30 credits Compulsory
English Intensive 30 credits Compulsory
Business 2 30 credits Compulsory
English Standard 30 credits Compulsory

Level 4

Module credits Compulsory/optional
Digital Landscape 15 credits Compulsory
Principles of Marketing (CIM) 15 credits Compulsory
Essentials Skills in Marketing 15 credits Compulsory
Introduction to Marketing Communications 15 credits Compulsory
Understanding Data 15 credits Compulsory
Business Environment 15 credits Compulsory
Content Creation 15 credits Compulsory
Preparing for Professional Success 15 credits Compulsory

Level 5

Module credits Compulsory/optional
Digital Experience 15 credits Compulsory
Campaign Insights, Analysis and Planning 15 credits Compulsory
Working with Industry 15 credits Compulsory
Advertising Concepts and Creativity 15 credits Compulsory
Managing Marketing Professionals 15 credits Compulsory
Marketing Research 15 credits Compulsory
Social Media and Social Influence 15 credits Compulsory
Consumer Behaviour 15 credits Compulsory

Level 6

Module credits Compulsory/optional
Industry Project 30 credits Compulsory
Advertising and Communications Strategy 15 credits Compulsory
Managing the Customer Journey 15 credits Compulsory
The Future of Marketing 15 credits Compulsory
Agency Practice and Management 15 credits Compulsory
Digital Analytics and Social Media Monitoring 15 credits Compulsory
International Advertising 15 credits Compulsory
Research Methods 0 credits Compulsory

Why choose this programme?

  • New degree launching in 2020/21, embedding the latest in contemporary advertising and digital marketing techniques
  • Strongly focused on students’ employability needs, students will acquire transferable skills and attributes sought after by employers
  • Gain digital skills in content creation, as well as for general office settings
  • Gain practical industry experience for advertising and digital marketing through live projects, industry speakers, events and employability modules
  • Opportunity to study abroad for one year to develop confidence, experience and practical language skills

What can I work as?

This programme prepares students for careers in advertising and digital marketing, either in an agency setting, for example as an Account Manager for example or within a marketing department as an Advertising or Digital Marketing Executive. 

Students may consider entering into specialisms such as social media marketing, influencer marketing, search engine optimisation, pay per click advertising, digital marketing analytics or designing digital experiences.