BA (Hons) Digital Media Design

About the Degree

Our Digital Media Design programme explores the digital field, including multimedia platforms, mobile devices, and augmented and virtual realities establishing a rich, hybrid area of study for the 21st century.

Digital Media Design targeted towards students interested in experimenting with new interactive technologies, creating web-based content, becoming experts in designing user experiences, creating augmented and virtual reality applications. interactive advertising, responsive objects and environments, networked information and social-media systems, interactive video, live performance technology and digital art installations.

Students will have the ability to learn how digital media is produced, building a foundation for work in publishing, graphic design, web design, multimedia, arts administration, copywriting, and specialist careers in the art, design, and digital media industries.

What will I study?

The modules you will study include Design and Creative Practices, Media in Mind: Histories, Theories, Contexts, Teamwork Practices, Mobile and Web Application Design, Storytelling and Gaming, Connections and Perspectives: Exploring Creative Media and Digital Cultures, and Professional Practices.

Foundation Year

Module credits Compulsory/optional
Introduction to Digital Media 1 30 credits Compulsory
English Intensive 30 credits Compulsory
Introduction to Digital Media 2 30 credits Compulsory
English Standard 30 credits Compulsory

Level 4

Module credits Compulsory/optional
Design and Creative Practices 1 45 credits Compulsory
Design and Creative Practices 2 45 credits Compulsory
Media in Mind: Histories, Theories, Contexts (C&CS) 30 credits Compulsory

Level 5

Module credits Compulsory/optional
Teamwork Practices 30 credits Compulsory
Independent Project 30 credits Compulsory
Mobile and Web Application Design 15 credits Compulsory
Storytelling and Gaming 15 credits Compulsory
Connections and Perspectives I : Exploring Creative Media and Digital Cultures 15 credits Compulsory
Connections and Perspectives II : Exploring Creative Media and Digital Cultures 15 credits Compulsory

Level 6

Module credits Compulsory/optional
Degree Project 60 credits Compulsory
Dissertation (C&CS) 30 credits Compulsory
Professional Practices 30 credits Compulsory
various digital mediums, platforms

Why choose this programme?

  • Explore a combination of various digital mediums, platforms and skillsĀ 
  • Learn digital media such as web-based content, mobile apps, interactive advertising, and responsive objects and environments
  • Our Digital Media Design degree places an emphasis on employability and strong industry links to keep the programme up-to-date and relevant, build connections, and shape students into tomorrow’s professionals
  • Opportunity to study abroad for one year, developing confidence, experience and practical language skills

What can I work as?

This programme will prepare you for careers in fields such as advertising, marketing, digital creativity, entrepreneurship, web consultancy, content creation, mobile and web applications, web design, journalism and art.

Graduates can also work as an Interactive designer or developer, digital artist, creative programmer, video blogger, Indie game developer, and work in fields such as digital branding, advertising and media production.