BA (Hons) Business Administration

About the Degree

This is a great programme for students looking for a degree that will lead to a wide range of business careers and fields. It offers a flexible mix of academic study, skills development and practical training, giving you the best possible foundation for almost any career. 

The multidisciplinary degrees available at UH/ GAF are even more advantageous as business today becomes more international, and having the value of modern business knowledge and a multicultural background is an absolute necessity. 

Gain a broad base of business knowledge and explore a variety of career paths by studying key areas like accounting, finance, economics, HR, marketing and operations. You will also be able to explore global perspectives, ethics, strategy, employment law and problem-solving.

As part of hosting the University of Hertfordshire (UH), you will also have access to the university’s StudyNet web-based facility. StudyNet allows students to access electronic teaching and learning resources from UH, and have electronic discussion’s with staff and other students.

What will I study?

The modules you will study include Principles of Marketing, Economics for Business, Quantitative Methods for Business, Accounting for Managers, People and Organisations, The Business Professional, Managing People, Exploring Business Ethics, Enterprise, Business and Commercial Awareness, Leadership and Organisations and Business Strategy.

Foundation Year

Module credits Compulsory/optional
Business 1 30 credits Compulsory
English Intensive 30 credits Compulsory
Business 2 30 credits Compulsory
English Standard 30 credits Compulsory

Level 4

Module credits Compulsory/optional
Business Technology Trends 15 credits Compulsory
Economics for Business 15 credits Compulsory
The Business Professional 15 credits Compulsory
People and Organisations 15 credits Compulsory
Quantitative Methods for Business 15 credits Compulsory
The Global Business Environment 15 credits Compulsory
Accounting for Managers 15 credits Compulsory
Digital Landscape 15 credits Compulsory

Level 5

Module credits Compulsory/optional
Enhancing Employability 15 credits Compulsory
Exploring Business Ethics 15 credits Compulsory
Principles of Operations Management 15 credits Compulsory
Enterprise 15 credits Compulsory
Managing People 15credits Compulsory
Mobile Business Technologies 15credits Compulsory
Project Planning and Control 15 credits Compulsory
Consumer Behaviour 15 credits Compulsory

Level 6

Module credits Compulsory/optional
Business and Commercial Awareness 15 credits Compulsory
Creative Problem Solving for Managers 15 credits Compulsory
Social Networking and Enterprise 15 credits Compulsory
Industry Project 30 credits Compulsory
Digital Economy 15 credits Compulsory
Strategic Management 15 credits Compulsory
Leadership and Organisations 15 credits Compulsory
Research Methods 0 credits Compulsory
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Why choose this programme?

  • This course offers certain exceptions for certification by the UK Chartered Institute of Personnel and Development (CIPD) and Chartered Institute of Marketing (CIM)
  • Access to UH’s StudyNet system, communicate with UH professors directly on portal
  • Gain a detailed understanding of business and management practices at local and international levels
  • Gain a broad base of business knowledge and explore a variety of career paths
  • Study key areas like accounting, finance, economics, HR, marketing and operations
  • Develop your practical and soft skills within a global context
  • Explore global perspectives, ethics, strategy, employment law, problem-solving and much more
  • Opportunity to study abroad for one year to develop confidence, experience and practical language skills

What can I work as?

Graduates can jump into a whole range of business roles, such as finance officer, HR manager, key account administrator, management consultant, marketing executive, purchasing officer, project manager, quality consultant, recruitment consultant and accountant. 

UH graduates have launched careers with organisations of all sorts and sizes, including leading names like British Airways, Citibank, Ernst and Young, GlaxoSmithKline, KPMG, IBM, PWC, Rolls-Royce, Royal Bank of Scotland, Siemens, Tesco and Xerox.