General Questions

What is Global Academic Foundation [GAF]?

Global Academic Foundation GAF is a leading academic institution in the Arab Republic of Egypt operating under the Egyptian Ministry of Higher Education in compliance with the International Branch Camus Law No. 162 of 2018, is hosting University of Hertfordshire [UH] as the first full-fledged branch campus of a British university in Egypt that encompass all UH schools and faculties and bringing globally accredited Bachelor Degrees from the UK to Egypt.

Did GAF build a full campus to host the University of Hertfordshire? Where?

At Global Academic Foundation, our high-tech vibrant purpose-built campus stretches over 50 acres to include in phase one 22 buildings constructed over 3 phases GAF student facilities currently available in phase one include a football court, a multipurpose court, a gym, a library, a café along with state-of the art lecture theatres

GAF located 5 minutes away from Hyde Park based in the New Administrative Capital, Phase One, R5 – Code 6.

What does an International Branch Campus [IBC] offer?

IBC entails the commitment by the foreign university to all academic aspects, starting from student matriculation at the foreign university, access to the online library, attend graduation ceremony to get the exact same degree offered at the main foreign university campus and with the same quality.

Does GAF award any degrees?

GAF is the host for The University of Hertfordshire [UH] as a full-fledged branch campus in Cairo; this means that all degrees are awarded directly by the University of Hertfordshire [UH] according UH qualification standards and inline with both UK and Egyptian regulations.

GAF does not offer any academic; all our degrees are awarded by our hosted University [UH] direct from the UK.

The University of Hertfordshire UH

Can you tell me more about UH?

University of Hertfordshire is a vibrant, inclusive campus-based university located 20 minutes by train from central London in Hatfield. Its vision is to be internationally renowned as the UK’s leading business-facing university. The university campus in the UK has a vibrant student community with nearly 25 thousand students including 6 thousand students from 130 plus countries.

What is UH rankings?

Ranked as 601st in 2019 times higher education ranking. Hertfordshire was featured in The Global Ranking by Times Higher Education among the top 250 young universities.

The university was awarded the Gold Rating in the UK Teaching Excellence Framework in addition to the Research Project of the Year by Higher Education

The School of Business Administration was featured in the Global Ranking in 2019 as 401st,

 University of Hertfordshire ranked 4th in economics, 7th in hospitality ,10th in electrical engineering in the UK. 

Why UH?

All courses are underpinned by industry insight and 80% are accredited by professional bodies. The University has excellent progression rates to employment – 96.5% of students are in employment or further study six months after graduating – and its teaching expertise has recently been awarded the top gold ranking in the Government’s Teaching Excellence Framework (TEF) in the UK.  Students graduate with the skills and attributes required for successful professional lives.

Will I be able to study abroad at UH campus in the UK if I’m enrolled in UH campus in Cairo?

As a UH student in Cairo you would be able to complete up to two semesters at UH campus in the UK with no added tuition fees (Travel, accommodation and personal expenses are covered by the student). 

Will I study the same courses and modules here at UH in Cairo as those taught at UH in the UK?

UH international branch in Egypt follow the same teaching framework and deliver the same quality of education, courses and modules. This IBC will be reviewed periodically by UH main campus and QAA to ensure constancy of quality and delivery standards.

What is the application fee UH – GAF?

The application fees are 1000 Egyptian Pounds (non-refundable)

Does UH-GAF offer transportation for students?

UH – GAF  provides paid transportation facilities to all students with multiple pickup points across the greater Cairo.

Does UH - GAF accept students with special needs?

The University is designed and equipped to welcome all students including those with special needs, however, giving the sensitivity and the special requirements of some cases, the University will assess and consider on a case-by-case situation.  

Fees, Admission Requirements and Scholarships

What are the documents required for admission?

Please submit the following:

  • Official copy of high school certificate
  • Recent IELTS or TOEFL scores
  • Photocopy of National ID card or Passport
  • Original/Copy of your birth certificate
  • 12 years of schooling letter except for IG we accept 11 years
  • 4 passport size photographs
  • Evidence of Military status (For males only) Namozag 2 Gond
  • Personal Statement/Essay (Not less than 500 words)
  • Official transcripts for each college/university attended, signed and sealed
  • Official medical report
  • Online application on http://www.gaf.edu.eg/
  • Filled and signed hardcopy of admissions application form
  • Pay 1000 LE application fees.

How long does it take to receive the provisional acceptance?

Within seven days you will receive your provisional acceptance according to your case time may vary.

How long does it take to receive the acceptance letter?

The process of examining a particular subject may take up to two weeks. Applying to some departments may take longer than usual considering the presence of additional items for some of the set admission requirements.

Should all transfer students take foundation year?

It depends on UH-UK recommendations, contact our admission department to review your case.


May I apply for the university January?

Yes, you may under the same conditions and admission criteria.

What is the condition for me to continue receiving the scholarship grant?

You are entitled to receive the grant subject to continuing with the same academic performance with no less than good as an overall grade for each of the following academic years.

Will the students be required to perform degree equivalence in Egypt?

All awarded degrees by the UH hosted by GAF in Egypt are accredited by the Egyptian ministry higher education and acknowledged by all local syndicates in Egypt. The graduated students will not be required to go through any equivalency procedures as their awarded degrees are already accredited and acknowledged by the Egyptian authority. This is a reference to the presidential decree 162, 2018. 

Are the tuition fees fixed? Do the tuition fees increase?

The tuition fees are subject to an annual increase for students up to 10% based on market inflation.

May I transfer from my major of choice to another after acceptance?

Yes, you may do that within a time limit not exceeding the first week of starting the academic year. After submitting a request for the same and acquiring the required approvals.

Do you offer academic excellence scholarship? Who would be eligible for academic excellence scholarships and how?

Yes UH – GAF offers several academic excellence scholarships in the form of discounted fees. The scholarships are granted to the top students among the accepted applicants, who are announced after acceptance of the 1st batch of the year only.

What are the conditions for me to continue receiving the scholarship grant?

You are entitled to receive the grant subject to continuing with the same academic performance with no less than good as an overall grade for each of the following academic years.

I am an international student, what is the type of currency do I use to pay my tuition fees? And what scholarship grants or financial aid programs are offered?

International students are required to pay their tuition fees in Sterling Pounds.

Scholarships and financial aid will be issued by a decision from the relevant committee which decides on each case separately.