A Milestone: UH President Professor Vincent


Our newly appointed University of Hertfordshire Egypt president: Professor Vincent Emery graduated with a first class degree in Biochemistry with Chemistry at the University of Southampton and was awarded his PhD at the same University in 1985. Following a postdoctoral fellowship at the Institute of Virology, Oxford he was appointed as Lecturer in 1988 at the Royal Free Hospital School of Medicine, London (later part of University College London) and was made a Professor at UCL in 2000. In addition to his departmental roles in research and teaching, he held senior Faculty and University roles in teaching and learning and quality assurance, research (as a Vice-Head of the Graduate School) and contributed to UCL’s global ambitions as Pro-Provost for South Asia and the Middle East and then Middle East and Africa.

In 2012, Professor Emery took up the role of Pro-Vice-Chancellor International and then Senior Vice-President (Global) and Professor of Translational Virology at the University of Surrey where he led the University’s global strategy seeking to catalyse and expand international research networks, student and staff recruitment and mobility, teaching collaborations, and realising the full potential of existing and new transnational educational opportunities. Professor Emery’s research portfolio has been geared towards understanding viral infections in immunocompromised hosts, especially transplant recipients. He has a Google Scholar H- index of 71, his publications have over 16,000 citations and he is a named inventor on 5 patents. He frequently sits on advisory
boards to the Pharma industry and on committees/governing bodies for UK and international organisations such as The Pirbright Institute, British Council and Universities UK International.

Professor Emery is also a Deputy Director of i-sense ( www.i-sense.org.uk ), a consortium developing early warning sensing systems for infectious diseases which is supported through multi-million pound grants from the UK Engineering and Physical Sciences Research Council.

Professor Emery is a Fellow of the Royal Society of Biology (FRSB) and was selected as a Fellow of the American Society of Transplantation (FAST) in 2017 for his contributions to infectious disease research and its impact on patients following transplantation.

“The vision of the University of Hertfordshire Egypt hosted by Global Academic Foundation is to transform the lives of our community of students and staff, powering their potential to contribute to the world of tomorrow. As President, I hope that this vision excites everyone at the university and particularly both our current and prospective students.” – Professor Vincent C Emery, BSc, PhD, FRSB, FAST holder.


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