System & DB Administrator



System administrator is responsible for  

– Managing certain applications and systems on campus. This includes the SQL reporting, integration, backup and/or restore, maintenance, troubleshooting. 

– User and password management.  

– Ensure that information flows between systems accurately, is stored and accessed securely, and will be responsible for correcting any discrepancies that occur.  

– Able to work independently and must possess a great patience, and problem-solving ability to fix issues and ensure functionality.  

– Work with Computer Technicians, Systems Administrators, end users including students, faculty, and staff as well as a variety of other users and responsible parties to coordinate operation 

– Support and writing of reports in MS SQL Server Reporting Tools 

– User account lifecycle management including creation and setup, security and access control 

– Work with Institutional departments to develop data standards, requirements, reports 

– Customization of various programs and processes in PowerCampus to meet end user needs.  


  • Create User Profiles 
  • Create User Accounts 
  • Maintain availability of online Application 
  • Align PowerCampus with admission and Student affair units’ requirements 
  • Communicate with system support to solve issues and implement upgrades. 
  • Create and maintain SSRS reports. 
  • Ensure that data entry and business process is fulfilled by end users. 
  • Coordinate with student affairs in creating academic schedule. 
  • Track applicant’s issues and provide solution. 
  • Ensure database backup tasks are successful. 


Education: Bachelor’s Degree in computer science, Information Technology or related field         

Experience: 3-5 years’ experience in database management, design, and/or SQL report writing.


– Microsoft SQL Development is a MUST. 

– MS .Net is recommended. 

– SSRS is a MUST. 

– SharePoint is a great Plus. 

– Previous Experience with Student Information Systems (Power Campus) is an advantage. 

– Demonstrated ability to learn new technologies. 

– Investigate, recommend, and implement new technological approaches that increase service and efficiency. 

How to apply:

If you are interested, please send the CV and cover letters clearly mentioning the job title to and